The steel buildings have been insulated very well for hot and cold climates

Material: Polyurethane, EPS or mineral wool options

The thickness: 40mm -50mm -60mm -80mm options for different geographic areas



   Where can you use the steel buildings for?

Mining camps, construction camps, labor camps, offices, warehouses, markets, showrooms, workshops.


        Container house        Steel house        Steel building        Steel warehouse        Car Garage 









Very fast solution  

The steel buildings can be produced, shipped and assembled in a very short time.

So you will save many and time.





















Sample steel building office plan

(Total area: 190 m2 - Dimensions: 10.2mx18.4m)















The assembly costs are very low.

They are designed to assemble very fast and easily.

A 200 m2 steel building can be assembled in 2 days with 6 workers.

No need crane during assembly.



 Briefly steel building parts






   Can be demounted

All connections are being made with bolts and nuts.

So you can easily demount and montage another place many times and without any damage.

Fexible designs  

The Steel building plans can be changed upon customer needs.























The parts are shipped in packages with Standard shipping containers.

150-200 m2 steel building can be shipped with 1 piece 40ft HC shipping container.






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