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VEGAYAPI supplies many types of containers. Standart containers and custom-made containers which meet customer needs and wants.

Camp containers, office container, living container, container house, accommodation container, container home are manufactured with your requirements and needs.

Standard base camp accommodation / office structures ship flat but assemble quickly into 2.4m x 6m modular containers with nicely finished interiors.

Containers can be joined together to make large, open plan structures or can stand-alone as living accommodations or office shelters.

Demountable flatpack containers are designed for stacking in their disassembled and assembled forms. Minimal lifting equipment required for assembly. Can be erected with minimal foundation (level blocks, shims). Disassembled containers allow for low ocean / road transport costs.

  • Standard military / commercial base camps
  • Temporary offices / accommodations
  • Ship assembled or knocked down
  • Temporary / mobile camps






Demounted flatpack container during the shipment

Assembled living container

Vegayapi Container Accommodation









  • Durable: Strong for hard conditions


  • Fast: Can be assembled within 2 hours


  • High Quality:  European quality


  • Modular Design: Can be combined many of them to make bigger buldings.


  • Easy to Assemble & Disassemble


  • Easy to Carry (minimize storing & shipping cost)


  • Warranty period is 1 year ( covers any defect comes from manufacture )








It is possible to combine many containers together for larger areas.








It is possible to make 2 floors.



























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